100% Force.com native, O2B supports usage
rating & billing for recurring & one-time charges,
item rentals or sale.


100% Force.com native, O2B supports usage rating & billing for recurring & one-time charges, item rentals or sale.

O2B Features

Collections Management

ChikPea’s SalesForce order management and billing solution offers a complete dunning environment within the 100% SalesForce native solution. Customers with delinquent payments can be approached for collections using a number of dunning campaign options through the use of SalesForce email templates and the SalesForce apex scheduler solution. ChikPea O2B offers a system that can contact clients on specific schedules while you enter activities into a collection manager’s task list. A self-running dunning manager means that you only need follow-up, not research.

Subscription Management

Oversee products, services, invoices, orders, and payments all within a single native SalesForce order management system. Stop and start subscriptions by changing orders or through automated triggers. ChikPea O2B order management and subscription management features mean that each line item in the customer’s contract can be billed, stopped, enhanced, or prorated instantly. SalesForce reports gain the power of ChikPea subscription data instantly. ChikPea allows you to completely customize subscription management details without having to rebuild reports or make new database connections.

Built on the Force.com platform, Order to Billing extends control of the
Subscription and Billing process — all in one system without the dependence
on the full SalesForce CRM solution, which lowers TCO and deployment time.


O2B is a complete billing software for SalesForce, offering contract management, point of sale, and weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual billing. You can send out batches of over 10,000 invoices at a time. No other billing system in the SalesForce AppExchange is capable of handling the volume and control that ChikPea’s O2B has been proven to do. You can track usage cycle charges, accrued charges from previous billing periods, and one-time charges from within the period. Customer usage-based invoices can be sent to clients via PDF, print, or HTML links embedded in professionally designed emails.Engage the power of a telecom carrier-grade billing engine within your existing SalesForce investment.

Orders Management

Create detailed fulfillment stages uniquely aligned to product types. By creating workflow and order process around the products themselves, O2B offers the inclusion of project management in the processing of product delivery. Orders can be set up to authorize access to a service or establish a complete customized delivery request with tracking.

Quoting (Native CPQ)

ChikPea’s 100% Salesforce native billing solution uses a unique quote and proposal generating solution (CPQ). Our quote toolset allows clients to create quotes that combine static reusable pages within dynamically generated data forms and produce multiple proposal templates to meet the needs of channel partners, distributed organizations, or international sales. O2B quotes can be used with solutions like Docusign or EchoSign to offer electronic signature capability. Product dependency rules with include/exclude functions allow you to have interdependencies between product items. The most important part of the O2B quote module is the ability to convert quotes directly into an order and continue to final delivery without rekeying the product into another system or having to leave the SalesForce cloud to synchronize with external non-native databases. As order management is the key to a strong subscription and quote-to-cash tool, our quotes are order ready. Each item line can trigger tasks, activities, and updates.

Product Catalog

O2B uses a proprietary product catalog engine that allows our customers to create usage rated and nonrated products, Tiered, Volume based, prepaid, post-paid, bundled and unbundled solutions, as well a recurring and one-time non-recurring chargeable products. Our product object is SRM ready to ensure that subscription type products as well as direct sale solutions can be built from the same platform. Create a single item with multiple sales options allows you to explore vector pricing and expand your sales range without having to create hundreds of versions of a single product. Within a single product design, you can offer sale price, subscription rules, product lifecycle tracking, discounting requirements, order triggers, and marketing details. Give the sales staff the tools they need without losing control of pricing.


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