100% Force.com native, O2B supports usage
rating & billing for recurring & one-time charges,
item rentals or sale.


100% Force.com native, O2B supports usage rating & billing for recurring & one-time charges, item rentals or sale.

O2B Overview

ChikPea O2B is a top-rated, 100% Force.com native billing/invoicing system for subscription management that provides support for volume bills, prorates, anniversary bills, usage ratings, recurring & one-time charges, and credit card integration. ChikPea O2B is the only available billing software for SalesForce to include invoice and payments.

Built on Salesforce.com’s Force.com platform, Order to Billing can manage your Subscription business, whether you are leasing items or selling content or selling voice/data services you can manage Rating and Billing requirements in one place.

  • Bundle or unbundle complex offerings
  • Customize pricing for subscribers
  • Tracking installed assets or modify subscriptions
  • Upload and rate usage data
  • Charge customers for recurring, nonrecurring and one-time
  • Manage all bill adjustments and Disputes
  • Manage partial payments
  • Generate thousands of customized bills at a time.

The Complete Subscription Billing system

Bundle or unbundle complex offerings, customize pricing for subscribers, track installed Assets or modify subscriptions. Upload and Rate Usage Data. Generate monthly Bills or Bill for any specific period, you can charge customers for Recurring, Non-recurring and One-time. Manage all your Bill adjustments, Partial payments, Disputes – all within Force.com.

  • Flexible Product Catalogue – Bundle multiple Services, Items, Rates – Relationship pricing – Customize the product pricing based on customer’s need – Service Renewal – Auto renewal for any period, create bills automatically on renewal
  • Subscription change – your customer can add or remove any plan or item any time – Discounting – Discount for plans and/or items for any period – Volume Billing – generate bills for multiple customers simultaneously using Force.com Batch capability
  • Billing options – anniversary billing, pro-rating, advance billing – Metering – metering can be done based on flat or tiered rates – Payment options – Credit Card, Check, ACH – Auto payment – charge credit cards automatically and send receipt to client

Out of the Box multiple payment options

Credit Card with different gateways – PayPal PayFlow, Chase Orbital (supports Spectrum), Merchante Solutions, ACH with Authorize.net, Vantiv. Out of the Box Tax integration with SureTax.

Give sales, marketing, customer services, operations, accounting and fulfillment, the tools they need, to respond to any subscriber inquiry. Call + 1-888-342-3828 to schedule a demo.

O2B overview video

Watch the video to learn more about ChikPea’s Order to Billing – O2B.

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