ChikPea has not only defined the concept of Subscriber Relationship  Management (SRM) but also proven itself as the only complete solution.

In the past, sales were tracked from lead to proposal, and then from proposal to signed contract until the opportunity was marked as “won” however, when the definition of the buyer is a “Subscriber”, the CRM stages are no longer as simple. SRM is highly different from CRM in that client sales and service tracking are spot events that have definitive beginnings and endings. Subscription Management systems strive to extend the interaction as a means of growing the investment by the client and gaining market share through quality controlled experiences.

When a transaction becomes the start of a contract for subscription usage, the job of the account manager actually begins. The subscriber requires a constant high touch relationship where value must be proven and tested regularly. As we move to the subscription market, there is a distinct need for a solution, which will guide the relationship far past the initial signoff.

Agile SRM

ChikPea’s SRM solutions provide everything from the necessity to quoting subscription based services to delivering those services, onboarding, order management or provisioning, billing for those services, collecting the payments, managing the dunning, and change orders.

Offering Services in the Way the Market Wants Them

Many deals are done as self service signup or through a “build your own” product selection model. Once the contract is signed, there is an on-boarding process in which a client is provisioned services that have been customized and tailored to their selection. After the provisioning stage, the Client becomes a subscriber and must be updated regularly as to their usage and the benefits of the solution they have invested in. The client expects invoices to correctly reflect the amount of services they have contracted to receive and at the pricing model they agreed upon. Subscribers offer access to their credit card or bank account as a trust, based on the belief that they will be billed correctly and with audit.

Don’t Treat Your Subscribers Like Customers, They Deserve More.

If any of the above actions have problems to the degree that the subscriber is left with a negative impression, retention is at risk while the subscribers looks for ways to end the relationship while looking for a replacement. A SRM solution oversees all of these steps while giving the supplier of the services an accurate tracking of future revenue, contract end dates, renewals, market penetration by location, pricing, discounting, vertical market solution customizations, and the performance of channel partners.

Why Companies Need
Subscriber Relationship Management

  • Dynamic products designed to be sold multiple ways to meet subscriber needs
  • Solution Packaging
  • Integrated orders directly fed from quotes or initiated through self service
  • Subscription terms and controls empowering both parties to form an agreement
  • Advanced recurring billing options to meet differing market needs
  • Payment management to offer options of payment
  • Quote versioning so the subscriber can see options to choose from
  • Usage monitoring to allow for auditing and subscriber reports
  • Multiple Templates for Quotes, Invoice, and Receipts

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