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Where Does Force.com Fall in the Salesforce Community?

Cloud or Service Cloud applications with Force.com. It is from Force.com that we are able to build contacts, accounts, reports, calendars, communications history, tasks, and activities through Salesforce.

When integration is required between Salesforce and another external system, web services and API calls are made using the Force.com platform, as well as all workflow design and management. Reports and dashboards are core to data management and analysis, and the Force.com platform is the layer of the Salesforce solution where the reporting engine and designer can be found. With all of these features, a company can run their entire business on just the platform layer of Salesforce as long as they do not require other CRM functions like managing leads, pipelines, forecasts, sales opportunities, campaigns, cases and contracts.

The Force.com platform operates equivalently to the enterprise version of Salesforce and is, in fact, the foundation of the enterprise CRM solution. ChikPea products are designed to run on the Force.com layer as a standalone solution for subscription-based businesses where CRM sales cycles are not part of their business models. Products like O2B (Order to Billing) provide salesforce order management features and billing solutions to help not only manage subscriptions, but also orders, product catalogs, proposals and even collections.