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Through Think and Thin: How CRM Can Help You Retain Customer Loyalty

An intuitive customer relationship management system is integral to running a smooth business, from managing marketing campaigns to generating leads for your sales team. Most importantly, CRM gets your company and your distribution partners closer with your customer base. Let’s take a look at some tips to boost customer loyalty through CRM.

  1. Treat every customer as a unique individual.

Every customer is a unique person with individual preferences. Through CRM, you can determine your customer’s preferences and create an experience that caters to their needs. For instance, you can identify how they prefer to interact with your company, whether it’s speaking directly with an agent, sending emails, or using the mobile browser, and tailor your solutions to that specific mode of interaction.

You can also avoid simple annoyances. For example, you don’t have to worry about marketing a service to customers who have already signed up for that service.

Granted, it’s not always that simple. Creating a tailored experience involves a holistic look at your overall customer base, taking into account all the variables that go into creating a positive customer experience. This includes having knowledgeable agents and representatives who offer great service and are empathetic to a customer’s needs.

  1. Anticipate your customers’ needs.

Knowing a customer’s unique approach to spending inevitably leads to anticipating his or her needs or the needs of a group of customers. For example, if you know that certain customers prefer speaking to a live person, make that the default option. If you know that most customers check their account balances after making a payment, automatically send them to their account summaries or send an email showing the updated account balance.

  1. Make a good first impression.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one. Aim to exceed a new customer’s expectations. The best way to do that is to present new users with a simple, easy process that doesn’t involve jumping through hoops or filling out a million forms. Do plenty of testing and look at your company through the eyes of a potential customer to streamline processes.

  1. …and even better impressions after that.

Aim for first-experience resolution. That means that returning customers should be able to resolve any problems or issues through one interaction. For instance, a customer should be able to log into his account to remedy an issue directly on his computer. Many times, the customer will search in vain on a website before giving up and calling a live agent.

Granted, some problems can only be solved with a helping hand of a customer representative, but check your system for gaps in the customer experience. Can you implement any quick solutions for easy problems? Look for ways to streamline customer-facing processes and determine how customers are likely to navigate the system when they are looking for a resolution.

  1. Provide various methods of communication.

In the modern age of commerce, calling by phone is no longer the preferred method of communication. Offer multiple options to contact your company, including email, text message, and social media.

  1. Remember that satisfaction and loyalty are not the same.

It’s true that customers are more likely to be loyal if they are satisfied, and customer satisfaction data will help you identify trends and determine what products and services are successful. However, a satisfied customer isn’t necessarily a loyal one. Loyalty is determined by a wide range of factors, beyond just the product or service. If you’re thirsty, you may be satisfied by a sports drink, but your loyalties still lie with water.

With a keen eye and a little trial and error, you should have no problem building customer loyalty with your CRM system. Good luck!


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