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About ChikPea

ChikPea has the most powerful Subscription Billing software available on the Salesforce platform bar-none. No other Subscription Billing software comes close in features, functionality, or experience in the industry. Only ChikPea understands how complex a Subscription Billing system can be as we built our tool based on the complexity of the Telecom Billing environment.

ChikPea Inc. was founded in 2006 with offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong and Kolkata India.

We specialize in billing and subscription management solutions with custom application development skills. The company was started by senior project managers and business analysts in the telco space. We saw that neither CRM nor traditional billing solutions were offering solutions needed to meet the market challenges of complex product deployment, dynamic price adjustments, advanced dunning and collections management, and addressing the “Cost of Sale” analytics companies were asking for.

We released Telecom Order Management in Appexchange early 2009 but while showing TOM to clients, the demand for Billing revealed. O2B (order to billing) which went live during the third quarter of 2009 became the answer completed the Order to Billing lifecycle.

Our target market is a client in the service and subscription based industry looking for a Saas billing solution with the ability to increase their utilization of Salesforce.com and its platform capabilities.